Our goal: improve the to-go culture on Vancouver Island

Replacing 20% of single-use cups with reusable ones in Victoria could divert 1.5 million cups per year

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Nancy moved to Victoria in 2017 after travelling the country with her car and participating in the WWOOF program, looking for new challenges. Originally from Quebec, she has a professional background in Tourism, Marketing and Communications. She worked in a travel agency for 12 years and guided hundreds of tour groups which developed her love for community and customer service. While in school, Nancy was involved with the environmental committee and was already trying to find easy solution to waste. As she traveled the world, she saw opportunities everywhere to create a better world and engage with community. After being reunited with her cousin Caroline in BC, it gave her the courage to jump into an adventure and start improving sustainable practices in the restaurant & tourism industry. Nancy works full-time at Royal Roads University, and truly believes that learning everyday is a priority to evolve and grow. She also thinks that collaboration is a key to success.

Best Nulla moment so far? When we got our logo/branding designed locally, then saw it printed on our cups.

Best achievement? Presenting at the IMPACT conference in January 2019.

Best zero-waste living advice? Do your best. Just try! Start by reducing your food waste in the fridge by using everything you have before going to the grocery store. Switch to beeswax wraps and eco laundry strips. Reuse your containers.


Caroline has been living and working in Victoria for 17 years. She has been involved with various local non-profit organizations and cares about her community. Originally from Quebec, she has over 10 years of professional background in employment services and education. She is now working for an environmental non-profit organization that advocates for better high-performance buildings. Caroline is passionate about zero waste living, circular economy and green initiatives that bring community together. She recently completed a Zero Waste Certification, is a member of the Surfrider Foundation and Zero Waste Canada and has been volunteering for various local charities and community-oriented organizations
over the years.

Best Nulla moment so far? When we secured our first local partnered coffee shop.

Best achievement? Pitching our brand-new venture at the EcoStar Awards 2019.  

Best zero-waste living advice? Small actions make a difference. Get a high-quality water bottle that you love looking at! I guarantee you will use it more. Do the same with reusable grocery bags. Get nice-looking ones and always leave them close to your door so you don’t forget them when you leave the house.